MBA Admissions: Where are you headed?

Its February now and those of you who (like me) have been grilling themselves through the MBA admissions are in the most crucial phase now.With the majority of entrance exams done, now is the time for the next hurdle!!! Yes. That’s right – the WAT-GD-PI. Although this phase of the process can be different for different people, most people fret due to its unpredictability. I can hear you sigh at how agreeable that seems to you. Well, however undoable it may seem, you can still handle it with a proper strategy. In this post, i’m going to attempt to make this whole thing a little less daunting for you by sharing my personal tips and strategies that i’m using to sail through. There might be some points which you think may not work for you or which you already tried and did not work. Whatever it is, i’m sure you will be able to get some insight into what steps you should take from where you are right now in your preparation. So read on…..

1. Spend a day in complete introspection:

This is something which you should be doing over a period of months. But for those who didn’t, this is a wake up call. All is not lost still and you can still put things together and save yourself. All you have to do is sit down and start doing introspection about yourself. What made you choose your grad subjects? What important life experience you had which really affected you? What are your likes and dislikes? What ticks you? Your weak and strong moments……Write down all of this. Once you are completely done, you will have a basic structure for the next step….

2. Prepare your answers:

Check out the questions asked in interviews of the top 30 b-schools in previous years and try to frame answers to as many of them as you can from the structure that you have. You will be able to answer most of the personal questions from it. You can google and find the questions or if you have joined any coaching institute for prep, you will be given a handbook for it.

3. Be thorough with current events:

Apart from the personal questions, there will be questions related to any important current events that took place recently. You will most probably be asked some facts about it and to express your personal opinion on it. So, it would be a safe bet to know about some recent happenings. Important issues for the past on year are- brexit, demonetization, Dhoni giving up captaincy, Donald Trump, surgical strike against pakistan, jallikattu, etc. A great resource to get all this information and also other important details is Hitbullseye. The site has a lot of tips for preparation for gd/pi as well as previous year questions and all of it is free!!! So, i would recommend you to definitely check out the site.

4. Know your grad subjects:

Being a literature student, my hobby aligns with my grad stream and hence for me answering questions related to academics is not very difficult. But, regardless of your grad stream, make it a point to be very thorough with at least one subject. This can come in handy in case you are asked questions from a weak subject, you can always state the strong subject as your favorite and save your face.

5. Practice the answers:

Once you have a list of prepared answers, practice them out loud in front of the mirror. Notice your body language and voice modulations while you do it. This will be of great help in increasing your confidence and fluency.

6. WAT: This is a test of your writing skills, thought process and knowledge. The way to prepare is same as the interview. Pick out the recent topics and practice writing about them. You can take help from Hitbullseye .

7. GD:

A good way to prepare for group discussion is to join a coaching institute. It will give you the real feel of the competition and also help you develop your speaking skills. Here too, being aware of recent events can be really helpful in factual gds.

Those are all of the tips that i have right now. Feel free to suggest anything else that you find helpful. If i come across anything new I’ll tell you about it. my first interview is scheduled for the 16th of feb for IMT Ghaziabad. I’ll be posting my interview experience here so do follow up if you are looking forward to it. That’s all for this post. Its like 4 in the morning and i have a mock interview tomorrow so i really need to get some sleep to atleast stay awake through it. Lol : )  . Please follow my page if you like my posts. Links to my facebook, twitter and pinterest accounts are given above. Have a great week!!!

Bye : )


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