I’m back!!!

Hi guys 🙂

I know its been like forever since my last post. I’m sorry for disappearing like that. It was just that i was so hell overwhelmed with all the stuff going on that i completely forgot about the existence of this blog. So, beginning with an apology and yet again another promise to blog regularly, lets proceed with this long due post. I sooo wanted to make a subject specific blog but i would need to organize a bit before i do that. So, this is like my comeback post (yayyy!!!).

Beginning from where we left, i was studying for my actuarial exams all through september. And i had a whole bunch of tests to take in college right until the mid of october. I’m trying to do my best this semester.I am thinking about making a separate blog for study tips for exams and literature specifically. Let me know if you would want me to post about that. I have also started doing internships as a freelance content writer. Life has got really boring recently and thinking about all the things that i have to do is just so overwhelming. I’m trying to calm down and not over stress myself. I feel that planning things out really helps. It is so much more helpful when you have a list of things you are supposed to do, all written down and also divided into doable chunks within a time frame. I have found the app Wunderlist to be really helpful in organizing your life. Its basically an app that lets you make to do lists for all the stuff that you need to do, organised under seperate categories.  When you finish a task, you can simply strike it off. It also relieves a lot of stress when you strike a task off your list and know that you are done with it. If you too are having trouble organizing stuff, i would definitely recommmend you to install the app. It is available for both iOS and Android.

Apart from all of this, i am also trying to study hard for my MBA entrances which are in about a month’s time. So, its been a really busy time for me in the past few months. Since i’m busy studying right now, it will be convenient for me to write blogs related to studying. That way, i will also be able to blog regularly as it will be a great way to de-stress by writing my thoughts. I have a few topics in mind. But, i would like to know from you guys about the topics you would like me to write about. So, comment below the topics that you would like to see a blog on. Also, please follow me on twitter ( Rawshaily). If you like my posts, do comment here as well as on twitter and let you know about the content you would like to see. I will be back in a couple of days with  my next blog. Thanks a lot for stopping by!!!

BYE!!! 🙂