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This is my second blog post. This is mostly going to be me just talking about stuff going on in my life (n a little ranting too :p).These days have been quite busy for me… I wanted to do a genre specific post but sadly couldn’t manage to save enough time to put that together. So i’m just going to be talking about things that have been on my mind n stuff that has kept me preoccupied all these days since my last post.

As i mentioned in my last post …..i’m an actuarial science student n doing a degree in english literature. So thats pretty much the stuff i was busy with. I had my first actuarial science paper (CT1….Financial Mathematics) on the 12th of april…..and i did study my ass off for it and it was tiring. It could have gone well with all the studying that i did but unfortunately it didn’t. I started preparing very late i.e. just 2 weeks before the exam as i fell ill earlier.Though i was able to cover all the concepts n was very clear on all the topics….i didn’t have the time to practice enough so that i could work out the problems fast enough to complete the paper in the required 3 hour time frame of the exam.Sadly that disappointed me as i expected and i had to miss out on questions even though i knew how to solve them as i was short of time.I could see the time ticking by sitting there in the exam hall and knowing that i won’t be able to attempt all the questions even though i knew how to solve them.Well that was just disappointing. I did solve enough questions so that i have a chance of passing but didn’t do as well as i expected.I think i’m quite on the margin…i may or may not pass.So i’ll have to wait until 24th june now to know the results.In case i don’t pass i’ll be retaking the exam.

For people who are unfamiliar with actuarial science……these exams are pretty hard with a 40-50% pass rate. So if you want to crack it in the first go you have to be 100% prepared.

As for now….i have my semester exams coming up.So i’m studying my novels,dramas and poems for my english literature exam.I also have a paper in political science….citizenship in a globalizing world.Besides studying all this stuff i’m also thinking about taking some online courses related to data interpretation which could be helpful for me in my actuarial studies as my degree does not have any mathematical stuff…its just engish n other art subjects.So i’ll have to take up some extra courses.I’ll tell you guys more about it in my future posts.

I will talk about actuarial science in detail in my posts to come so that those of you who haven’t heard about it( well that’s expected……very few people know about it) can get an insight about it.I personally think its a great career choice……interesting n challenging. Also it has constantly been occupying the top spots as the highest paying job. There is a lot of information about it on the internet so you can google n find out what you want to know. There is an easier way as well….you can post your questions here on my blog and i’ll answer them in my next post :). So do follow my blog if you like my post and are curious about actuarial science as i’ll be talking about it in my next post. For those who don’t find themselves connecting any dots here….don’t worry…..i’m going to be taiking about a lot of other stuff too that you will definitely find interesting….so do follow up. I’m also looking forward to doing a post about food sometime. But well that’s all for this post.I’ll try to update you guys shortly if i can steal some time from my exam hustle-bustle :p

Hope you guys liked the post. Do comment any queries you have.I’ll take up your questions in my next post.And in order to stay updated for my future posts do follow my blog if you like me and my posts 😀

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An Overview of my Blog

Hi guys😁

This is my first blog post and I’m gonna use it to talk about what I’m going to be posting in my blog….so read on☺

Now… given that I’m a Pisces with a wandering mind,my posts are going to be quite diverse…, books,lifestyle, studies,college,fashion,astrology, art,etc….I’ll also be talking about things going on in my life as well as my own insights.There are also going to be some tolerable ramblings and rantings.

But i’ll use this post to give you a rough idea about the main content that i’d focus on. Now,to get you people a little familiar with myself—– I’m 20 and in my 2nd year of college.I’m an actuarial science student as well as doing a degree in english literature( a weird combo!! I know:p ). So i’ll be posting stuff related to studies in general and actuarial science & english literature specifically.

I’m also a strong believer in astrology. So,i’ll be posting stuff related to that more often than not. Now that you know a little about me,please comment if there is anything in this post that you could relate yourself to.Also,feel free to mention if you want me to talk about anything in the areas that i mentioned above.

I’d love to hear from you!!

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